✝ These services include the following Lemon Water rituals: relaxing scalp massage, hot towel wrap, hand massage, style, makeup touchup, and product recommendation.


Women's Haircut $35-$67+
Men's Haircut $25-$67+
Children's Haircut $18-$48+
Age 10 and under
Bang Trim/Neck & Sideburn Trim $7-$12+
Beard & Mustache Trim $10-$15+
Shampoo/Blow Dry $30-$45+
Shampoo/Blow Dry/Iron $35-$50+
Shampoo Set $35-$55+
Special Occasion Updo $70-$90+
Bleach & Tone $80-$110+
Can only be performed with another style service.
Rejuvenating Scalp Massage (10 Minute) $10+
Infused with oils customized to your needs. (Can only be performed with another style service).


Please note that there may be additional charges to the color based on your consultation with your stylist.
Regrowth Color $50-$80+
All-Over Color $60-$90+
Specialty Color price based on consultation
10 Pack $40-$61+
Partial Foil $60-$102+
Full Foil $75-$122+
Half Head Color $30-$40+
Can only be performed with another color service.
Dimension $25-$30+
Can only be performed with another color service
Toner $20+
Can only be performed with another color service.
Gray Blending $25+
Men's Color $39-$50+
Color Correction price based on consultation


Partial Perm $60-$98+
Full Perm $75-$118+
Specialty Perm price based on consultation
Express Keratin $75-$95+
Full Keratin Treatment $300+
Hair Extensions price based on consultation
Hair extensions give you the length and/or volume desired by using a medical grade adhesive that is applied without the need of tools or heat. These extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely, seamless and undetectable in the hair.


Botanical Hair Therapy $35+
Provides luminous, healthy-looking hair by combining essential oils to create a healthy scalp.
Botanical Hair Therapy Add-on $15+
Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy $45+
Begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair treatment.
Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy Add-on $25+
Clarifying Treatment $35+
Clarifying Add-on $25+