Our certified Massage Therapists incorporate your choice of aromatherapy oils in a session to suit your needs for relieving tension and stress. Treatments may vary by location.

Lemon Water Signature Massage
You no longer need to choose between a relaxation and deep tissue massage. After a thorough consultation, your Massage Therapist will fully customize your massage to what your body needs today. You can pick full relaxation (featuring smooth, flowing strokes that will enable you to relax and recharge), deep tissue (to focus on releasing deep muscle tension) or a combination of both.
30 Minute $47-$57+
60 Minute $67-$77+
90 Minute $97-$107+
120 Minute $127-$147+
Pregnancy Massage (60 Minute) $77-$87+
This technique uses our body support system to help promote relaxation, relieve leg cramps, and improve circulation.

Treatment Enhancements

Treatment enhancements may be recommended and added to any body treatment for an additional cost.
Eye Treatment $20+
Refresh and renew your eyes with an Ayurveda-inspired treatment that combines the botanical benefits of Green Science Line Minimizer and Firming Eye Cream to help skin boost its natural collagen production, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Ayurvedic tradition believes these eye concerns are related to blockages in the marmas-vital energy centers in the body. This smoothing, restorative experience for eyes includes our revolutionary marma eye massage to help relieve tension and visibly revitalize the skin around the eyes.
Reflexology $20+
A specialized pressure point treatment for the feet to release tension and stress while relaxing the entire body.